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Cross Country Task Week 2016 - Results

During the 9 days commencing 27th August there were 5 competition days which, although not great, was better than last year and on the days we did not fly the sun was shining!
Club members competing had an enjoyable week. Particular thanks must go to Mike Moulang for his organisational and task setting skills, John Hoolahan for met. forcasts and Tim Bartsch for scoring.
The top 3 for each league is sumarised below:
ASW20                     David Crimmins                         2385 points
Arcus                        T&M Moulang & Les                  1722 points
ASK21                       B. Morgan & T Williams            1156 points
Pegasse                    K. McPhee                                  939 points
Junior                        O. Lee                                         487 points
Astir                           P. Dwyer                                     484 points

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