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Cross Country Task Week 2017

Task week was held between the 26th August and 3rd September.

For the first time for many years we had 6 contest days. We flew 5000Km and achieved 100 hours on task with 16 gliders participating. Very good news is that KRI, one of the Club's K21's, won leauue 1 with some epic flights and possibly some of the longest cross country flights that the K21s at Kent have ever done. Well done to Chris Grebby and his P2s.

In League 2 the winner was Martin Hardy  with Kenny McPhee a close second. Perhaps a move up to League 1 for them next year!

The week was great fun with a great buzz around the club with members telling "how they did it" stories.

A special thanks to Mike Moulang for his organisation/task setting, to John Hoolahan for weather briefings and Tim Bartsch for scoring.

League 1 (top of the table)

K21               Chris Gebby/+P2                  3997 points

DG800          Dave Crimmins                     3958 points

Ascus            Tony M/Mike M/Les              3866 points

K21                Pete Carpenter/+P2             1825 points

League 2 (top of the table)

ASW15          Martin Hardy                         2222 points

Pagasse        Kenny McPhee                      2019 points

Libelle           Mike Worthington                  1148 points

Discus           Phil Dwyer                             792 points

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