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Some Kent Gliding Club Members


Kent GC ChairmanDavid Shearer, Full Cat. Instructor

I started gliding in 1969 as an Air Cadet, then returned to the sport in the 1990s by attending one week holiday courses at Aston Down and The Long Mynd as a way of relaxing.

Now I am a Full Category instructor and need to complete Diamond distance (500km flight) to make a set of three Diamonds.Cross country flying in my syndicate LS8 is the thing I most enjoy as no two flights are ever the same and it is a great way to spend the day.I do not have any great aspirations other to enjoy myself and stay safe, although I might try a 750km flight before I am past it!


Kent GC CFIPeter Carpenter, Course Instructor

I started  gliding at 16 in the ATC with a one week gliding course and flew 3 solos in a open cockpit T23. The next flight I had was in a K13 at Kent GC when I was 41 and had been given a one day Trial Flying Lesson as a gift. I now have my Diamond badges and am a fully rated instructor and flight examiner.' I have 2500 gliding hours. I used my silver gliding badge to convert to an NPPL with a further 10 hours power training. I fly my own LS8 15/18 mtr glider.

I mostly enjoy the simple parts of the sport, the freedom and the views. I love aerobatics, I am an altitude junkie, you can't beat flying a glider at 25,000 feet or higher. Cross country flying and the personal reward when training students are also a major part of the fun.

My aspirations are to be better, you never stop learning about gliding.
Julie swaps Offices
Julie Bullock swaps Offices
Flying Club Member
I started gliding as I'm always up for a challenge and I wanted to try something different. Kent GC held an Open Day where I could come and find out for myself what it was like and have a flight in a glider. That was about 12 years ago and I haven't looked back since. I have my Silver qualification with a cross country endorsement. During 2011  I completed my first 100Km cross country flight and have qualified as a Basic Instructor. I have recently a successful Gold Height  claim following a flight to over 10,000 feet.
What I love most about the sport is the feeling of freedom and the silence. It's just you and the birds and perhaps another glider.You set your own challenges and get a sense of achievement from the day. I look forward to being able to spend more time gliding; that's only going to happen when work get's easier but then I can set myself some more stretching targets over greater distances.

First solo flight by KathrynKathryn

I started gliding after I was given a Trial Flying Lesson for my birthday and took it on 21 May 2011 with the lovely Nigel Shepherd. It was a perfect soaring day, Nigel gave me a great flight and I was immediately hooked.

I made the most of my temporary membership over the summer, then went on the ab initio course last autumn. This Spring, after a dearth of flying over the winter, I booked a couple of week Day Courses to get back up to speed.

I went solo on the anniversary of my first flight.Tim Bartsch sent me - and I was the first person he had sent solo, so it was a double first! This was definitely my best flying day ever so far. I managed three solo flights, which was a super feeling. I am now looking forward to a super summer's soaring to consolidate my progress!


Flying Club Member Simon after First Solo flightSimon

I started gliding in the Spring of 2011 having been given a Trial Flying Lesson as a birthday present.  Following a couple of additional flights using my 3 months free membership, I then signed up for Kent GC’s Go for Solo package.

 I am currently in the last stages of going solo which I am aim to achieve over the next few weeks. I then intend to work towards getting my Bronze Badge by the end of the year. For me, the freedom to glide over the Kent countryside is great and living locally the club is right on my doorstep which is an added benefit!


Flying Club member



I started gliding because I was looking for a new hobby so booked a Week's Flying Course in 2007 and loved it and have been loving it ever since. I went solo in my second season because of heavy work commitments and now have 325 launches and the BGA Bronze Badge to my credit.

It all takes me a while because I am a warm weather girl so I don't fly in the winter.

My aspiration is just to enjoy gliding and if I get more Badges that's a plus.







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