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Cross Country Tasks from Challock





All solo pilots (even if they do not possess Silver C or have a cross country endorsement) can attempt the following mini cross-country flights without getting outside gliding range of the airfield.

All the turning points are within 5 miles of the airfield and, in the junior, subject to wind strength and direction even from the furthest one you can get back to the airfield from about 2000 feet with still a good height for the circuit.

Talk to an instructor on the day for a briefing if you are inexperienced.

Undertaking these tasks is a good way of building up your skill and confidence before attempting longer distances – and success will be more satisfying than aimless local soaring!


Before your flight design your own task incorporation some of the following turning points:


Airfield Hangar                                                Chalk Pit

Challock Roundabout                                      Charing A20 Roundabout

Lenham Cross                                                 Pluckley Railway Station

Eastwell Park Lake (southeast corner)             M20 Junction 9 (Ashford West)




Airfield Hangar – Challock Roundabout – Charing Roundabout – Airfield Hangar                        13 Kms


Airfield Hangar – Lenham Cross – Charing Roundabout – Airfield Hangar                                    16 Kms


Airfield Hangar – Pluckley Railway Station – Challock Roundabout – Airfield Hangar                   23 Kms


Airfield Hangar – Lenham Cross – M20 Jct9 – Airfield Hangar                                                       29 Kms


100 km & 300 km TASKS


Turning points:


ALE    Aylesham Railway Station                                   BOD   Bodiam Castle

CAT    Canterbury Cathedral Tower                               CNE    Canterbury North East (Sturry Level Crossing)

CSE    Canterbury south east                                         DAW  Darwell Reservoir (SW end)

DDK    Devils Dyke                                                         ETC     Etchingham road/rail crossing                                                                                                                                   FAV    Faversham M2 Jct7

HAR    Harting                                                                  HEE   Heathfield                                                                                                                                                       LWN    Lewes north                                                         PAD    Paddock Wood R/W Bridge B2160                     

PAR    Parham                                                                 RIN     Ringmer  (hangar)

PTW    Petersfield crossroads A3/A273                           WDP   Waldershare Park


100 km Tasks:

All these flights are OK for Silver Distance and 100km Diploma. Beware of the Headcorn parachute zone and the 3500ft TMA (2900ft Challock QFE).

CLK – BOD – CNE – CLK            106km triangle

CLK – CAT – ECT – CLK             108km triangle

CLK – CNE – PAD – CLK             107km triangle  (much of this flight is under TMA 3500ft QNH)

CLK – FAV – DAW – CLK             104km triangle

CLK – RIN – CLK                           124 out & return   (for silver distance you can, if necessary, land at Ringmer GC without returning)


300 km Tasks:

Gold Distance and Diamond Goal:

CLK – ALE – PTW – CLK             308km triangle  

CLK - WDP - HAR - CLK                307km triangle 

Gold Distance:

CLK - LWN - CNE - HEE - CLK      304km

CLK - DDK - CNE - HEE - CLK      303km

CLK - PAR - CSE - ETC - CLK       303km



You can also design your own tasks using TPSELECT and TPTASK.

See next section on TURN POINTS.


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