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2015 Summer Expedition to Shenington

Last August the club ran a successful expedition to the gliding club at Shenington, near Banbury in the Cotswolds. There was soaring possible on most days and members succeeded in personal achievements, including completion of Silver C cross country tasks. It is a club about the same size as ours but in better soaring country with less controlled airspace. They offer winch and aero tow launches each day at similar prices to ours.
We have therefore arranged to go there again this year for a week starting August 6th. If you would like to come please let me know at or 07776182703. If you can't come for a whole week it is near enough to come for a few days or a weekend.
Last year there were 7 private gliders from our club plus a small group with a club Junior. It would be possible to take a K21 if there enough people who would like to fly it including some instructors and someone to tow it up there. The cost of taking a club glider is the usual soaring fees, but if it does not do £25 of soaring each day the people who take it must make up any shortfall.

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